Learn The Truth About The Real Powerbrokers Behind The Global Warming Hoax

Who are benefiting?

What is the purpose?

What are their goals?

By which mean are they trying to achieve these goals?

The main beneficiaries and those that are behind the scam are the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties, George Soros and the new emerging great power of China!

Yes, it is about making Money,
but more importantly it is about
Control and Power!

And of course, this has nothing to with saving the planet!

 Their goals are to create global governance in a new coming post democratic age. This is an age which is controlled by multinational corporation under their control while still keeping a symbolic form of reality show style democracy.

They are making a systematic destruction of the economies of the western world, especially the US economy, by instigating a new depression. This will destroy the middle class in the industrial world and they are then able to buy up more assets.

They also want to reduce the world population, especially unproductive people in third world countries, plus they want to limit economic growth in these countries.



The Global Warming SCAM with Jesse Ventura

Interview with Maurice Strong in 1972, the apocalyptic environmental new age guru, that is in large part responsible for setting up the structure of the IPCC while working inside the UN.

The most important food production area in the world
is in North America.

The global warming scare has been used by the "green" industry via intense lobbying activity so that politicians now have introduced mandatory bio-fuel "food produced fuel" for use in cars in almost all developed countries. The effect on agricultural in recent years has been dramatic. Today about a third of the corn harvest in the US is used for bio-fuel production. This has lead to ripple effects in the US and all around the world on food productions and on the world's food supplies.

More wheat fields are transformed into corn fields in the US, limiting the amount of produced wheat. All over the world more fields previously used for food productions are now turned over for bio-fuel productions.

This has driven up food prices.

Learn more about the bio-fuel scam in this video!

If you think that the only official lie of a serious nature that you are told is the big human caused catastrophic global warming lie
then think again!

It is not only climatologists who use tricks to hide the decline. Also at the USDA "The United States Department of Agriculture" something very strange is happening. During 2009 the last snow feel over the plains at the beginning of June, this was followed by an extremely rainy and record breaking cool summer. The first snow arrived in early October. In the same year both Texas and California experienced severe droughts. Farmers in large parts in the US and Canada are reporting crop damages and bad harvests and yet USDA have adjusted up the figures for the US harvest.

Meanwhile the effects from the lower solar activity is now starting to negatively affect crop yields world wide. The summers in temperate regions are becoming shorter and rainier. The jet stream is moving more closer to the equator, bringing with it storms and heavy rains. The more intense cosmic radiation is seeding more clouds and rains.

The net result of this is that rainfall becomes more localized and heavy. At the same time drought prone areas receive less rainfall. During the 2009 growth season we saw severe droughts occurring all around the World. This happened in southern Australia, the Argentinian Pampas, the wheat belts of northern China, in India, in the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Venezuela, Guatemala and Easter Europe plus in many other places. India with its Billion sized population is now forced to import extra food. Of course the mass media proclaims this as caused by the increase in greenhouse gases, blaming humans.


Now consider this!

Suppose the top financial elite want to cull the human population. Some argue that this is the case. Then, are there some way for them to do that?

Yes indeed! It's is possible that this already is happening and that they are trying to achieve this!

Suppose this is what is happening. They first key step for them has been to help financing the global warming hoax. This has been done by pouring money into green environment movements, green projects, by funding green NGO's, by promoting green think tanks, by funding climatology research, by controlling the mass media's key news agencies and by letting green business becoming key supplier of ad revenue for important newspapers and TV stations in order to promote global warming hysteria and blocking opposing scientific views from being published.

The second step they now are taking is to orchestrate a new 1930 style economic collapse leading up to a new depression. This will probably start with a second economic crash. But this time it will be more severe than the one that struck in 2008. Neither the US or nor Britain will be capable of borrow up enough money to prop up the big investments banks that are about to fail. To make sure this happens the key people that were responsible the for the sub prime mortgages and housing loan bubble are now running the US treasury and controlling US fiscal policies. While no new global warming deal was reach in Copenhagen, several countries already have different forms of energy rationing schemes following the Kyoto protocol. These measures impose a new form imperialism by the rich counties on the third world countries. This new form imperialism, "Green imperialism" is now instituted by the financial aristocracy. The idea is to let rich countries pay part of their GDP as green taxes or as a carbon tariffs from carbon trading and pay this to third world countries. This money is then used in what is called green projects. This is often used for installation of the most expensive form of energy production such as "wind and solar" energy. This is in exchange for not using fossil fuels. By doing this, third world development will be stalled. For development they need cheap and plentiful energy which they today only can get from coal power plants. This will be stopped. Although this plan was stopped in Copenhagen, they will try again at the next meeting in Mexico City.

Timing of all this is critical as it have to be coinciding with the sudden and severe global cooling which is going to start in the coming years. This in turn is caused by a prolonged period of solar inactivity which is a result of a regular and long predicted grand solar minima which is expected to last between the years 2010 and 2040. While the world start to rapidly cool and some people feel confused by this and start to think the world is indeed cooling, the media will still play the global warming hoax card because the lower solar activity will lead to more storminess, more localized flooding and more drought in drought prone areas and this is consistence with the global warming propaganda, while in reality this is caused by the changes in the Sun.

To conclude: Right now we are heading into a severe economic crisis. At the same time we are heading into substantial climate change caused by the weakening Sun which is leading to reduced crop yield worldwide. Policies based on the false theory of catastrophic human caused global warming CAGW are at the same time removing huge tracks of farmland away from food production and into bio-fuel. The economic crisis in the industrial world plus in the third world, will create less wealth, create more poverty, create more malnutrition, produce widespread famine and mass death. This is all orchestrated by a financial elite, because they want to get a more controllable population by massively reduce the world population so that they get more power and control. Of course the knowledge that the Sun is going to go through a a rapid cooling period after 2010 which is going to last at least until 2040 has been known be a few number of scientists that have been looking into solar cycles. The financial elite has found out about this. If this is true, then those who are behind this are committing crimes against humanity and should be sent to the Hauge!

If you believe this then you are believing in an outrageous conspiracy theory and you are a crazy person!

But, then again, is this outrageous conspiracy true? Are there plans to eliminate 6.5 billion people from this planet? Watch this!

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